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Mέλη με δικαίωμα ψήφου
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  1. http://statybabuild.com/03343

  2. AlexG

    Hi I´m Alex ;)

    Hello, thanks ! That lake is a bit far, but I have time so I´ll go there. Is it possible that your PM Inbox is full again? I know you like Ancistrus very much, do you want the new breed red ones? They are completly red/orange not just particularly like the ones in the past. This time I try to visit all places which are worth a visit I saw some guys from Water Inn at the Interzoo, that shop is amazing I have to visit it. Perhaps I combinate going to the Aquazone meeting in August and on the drive back I go to the S.aristoteles lake. I´m very excited how my Navigation-System will work in Greece
  3. AlexG

    Show Me Your Videos !!

    nice vids everybody !
  4. AlexG

    Hi I´m Alex ;)

    Hello, next week I go again I have many Stingray pups for sale, if someone is interested. Has anybody ever catched the mystic Silurus aristoteles? I want to try that, it is enedemic somwhere in the west.
  5. AlexG

    Where to go??

    Hi, thanks for the help. That fish breeder looks really interesting. I hope I can come that time to Athens, but not sure, because I should fly back to german next time because I have to sell nearly all my fish. If not I would love to come of course
  6. AlexG

    Hi I´m Alex ;)

    Hi Janis, thanks, but I've seen that plans, but I can't really read Greek and have no idea where that is. The one store I did only found because it was on the way from Platia Aristoelus to Chalkidiki.
  7. AlexG

    Hi I´m Alex ;)

    Hey, thanks . I've been at one of the Amazonios stores, the one with the black-tip shark in the front-tank. How can I find the other one? Perhaps I go there later this day.
  8. AlexG

    Where to go??

    Heeelllo I'm searching for places to go to look at nice tanks. And I search a tank to buy. But where to go ?? I'm located in Chalkidiki and in the momentan online at Mediterian Cosmos in Thessaloniki. best regards Alex
  9. AlexG

    Hi I´m Alex ;)

    Hello thanks for the nice replies. So since 12.August I'm in Greece. I'm located in Chalkidiki and search places to go. I search a tank, where to buy?
  10. AlexG


    Hey Welcome to Aquazone, I keep Livebearers too. They allways fascinate me. But the thing which took me on this Threads is your Username, it has a "special" meaning in German *ggg*
  11. AlexG

    Hi I´m Alex ;)

    Kali mera, this is a variety of some Pics I have made, some are old - And this is my past ray tank-
  12. AlexG

    Hi I´m Alex ;)

    Kali mera, here u go - And this is my past ray tank-
  13. AlexG

    Hi I´m Alex ;)

    Hi guys, sorry u have to wait one more day. I´m to drunken and so on, germany did win today And I´ve fallen out of the car while posing with flag and so on *g*

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