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  1. http://statybabuild.com/03343

  2. Hello, thanks ! That lake is a bit far, but I have time so I´ll go there. Is it possible that your PM Inbox is full again? I know you like Ancistrus very much, do you want the new breed red ones? They are completly red/orange not just particularly like the ones in the past. This time I try to visit all places which are worth a visit I saw some guys from Water Inn at the Interzoo, that shop is amazing I have to visit it. Perhaps I combinate going to the Aquazone meeting in August and on the drive back I go to the S.aristoteles lake. I´m very excited how my Navigation-System will work in Greece
  3. Hello, next week I go again I have many Stingray pups for sale, if someone is interested. Has anybody ever catched the mystic Silurus aristoteles? I want to try that, it is enedemic somwhere in the west.
  4. Hi, thanks for the help. That fish breeder looks really interesting. I hope I can come that time to Athens, but not sure, because I should fly back to german next time because I have to sell nearly all my fish. If not I would love to come of course
  5. Hi Janis, thanks, but I've seen that plans, but I can't really read Greek and have no idea where that is. The one store I did only found because it was on the way from Platia Aristoelus to Chalkidiki.
  6. Hey, thanks . I've been at one of the Amazonios stores, the one with the black-tip shark in the front-tank. How can I find the other one? Perhaps I go there later this day.
  7. Heeelllo I'm searching for places to go to look at nice tanks. And I search a tank to buy. But where to go ?? I'm located in Chalkidiki and in the momentan online at Mediterian Cosmos in Thessaloniki. best regards Alex
  8. Hello thanks for the nice replies. So since 12.August I'm in Greece. I'm located in Chalkidiki and search places to go. I search a tank, where to buy?
  9. Hey Welcome to Aquazone, I keep Livebearers too. They allways fascinate me. But the thing which took me on this Threads is your Username, it has a "special" meaning in German *ggg*
  10. Kali mera, this is a variety of some Pics I have made, some are old - And this is my past ray tank-
  11. Kali mera, here u go - And this is my past ray tank-
  12. Hi guys, sorry u have to wait one more day. I´m to drunken and so on, germany did win today And I´ve fallen out of the car while posing with flag and so on *g*
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