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  1. The Oldest Pico Reef

    thank you all for stopping by I have enjoyed the links and pictures in the second video up top it shows a coat hanger straightened out to use as a scraper, it doesn't scratch my bowl much. the c balance dosing, or any other two part additive is really helpful in attaining a thick coat it changes the color hue on the whole reef from gray to purple, to have coralline all over the landscape its patina of the reef since the tank is only 1 gallon, changing all the water with premade reef crystals takes 3 minutes per week, plus midweek dosing so its really less work than other tanks, including the lid on the vase, that makes a huge difference. its topoff interval is longer than that of a 100 gallon saltwater tank does google translator work with what I type or is it all jumbled if so I can stick to pictures
  2. The Oldest Pico Reef

    heres an updated shot taken today
  3. The Oldest Pico Reef

    fish can have daily nutrient input needs and this is another reason on top of ammonia loading they aren't indicated for use in a pico reef long term...at least common fish like clowns and large gobies or multiple small fish stocking. Try to find pictures of a pico reef 3 gallons or less with fish that is more than 3 years old. I know of only one on the whole internet, El Fab's. The tank was lost due to an algae crash recently so we can't know how much longer it would have ran, but he was on track for greatness thats for sure. The majority of 3 gallon tanks with fish cannot sustain the inverts nor the fish for much better than a year, try to find older examples and post them pls if you can~ We are seeing an emergence of trimma sp that very well might work in a pico reef if scaled correctly, but fish use changes the metabolism of the tank in such a way I don't use them...
  4. The Oldest Pico Reef

    Thank you all so much for stopping in. Hopefully one helpful part of the reefbowl model is using the dosing system to solve pH and coral growth issues in pico reefs 3 gallons and less. The timing of 3x per week C Balance causes dense coralline growth in all pico reefs I have seen both in person and through online pm exchanges, then coralline indicates ion balance sufficient to grow SPS with the right lighting, the dosing really is the heart of the system. pico reef1-2.5 gallons 1/2 capfull of each doser 25 mins apart before lights on 3x per week, for 3 and even 5 gallon reefs 3/4 cap works. Full water changes and heavy feeding right before them can really nourish pico reefs so try it anyone if you are keeping large colonies of lps or nonphotosynthetics like tubastrea and dendrophyllia. In trying every possible feeding approach this turned out for me to be the only true way of supplying nutrients to challenging corals over a years-long term without polluting the tank....to couple the feeding with a water change is a simple rearrangement of techniques used on larger reefs where we rely on dilution to handle daily additions. Daily feeding in a pico reef of small amounts is too little for the tank, and too much for long term accumulation~
  5. The Oldest Pico Reef

  6. The Oldest Pico Reef

    here are pics to show important stony coral characteristics shaped by living in a circular tank I believe this is the first time in any size tank where alveopora has been maco photographed growing on the side of glass, like xenia. not all the corals are five years old, but the zoanthids and caulastreas are. the original rock and 6 inch sandbed are original and have never been disturbed. The goal is to test allelopathy and environmental interactions/ chemical and physical reductions in the pico reef as a separate science from large tank science Stony corals demonstrate skeletal morphologies that are bizarre yet the polps lay down skeleton, in the aged pico reef vase.
  7. The Oldest Pico Reef

    just hit 5 ans same rock, same sandbed, video shows build and techniques for sustaining invertebrates long term in the pico reef. The key is changing out all the water instead of a partial amount, and only doing feeding in a small pico reef just before the large water change. Changing those two things alone can solve almost any problem a pico reef is having. Brandon the vid: coralline removal in the pico reef Coralline growth in the pico reef is attained by dosing half a capfull of C balance, parts A and B, 25 mins apart, before the lights come on and never after the lights are on, three times per week. I dose monday morning, wed morning, and friday morning, and do a 100% water change on Sat or Sun. That makes a pico reef beat a large reef a lot of the times in lifespan lol B
  8. Updates

    hey thanks even though we accidentally started a new thread on old subject:) this vase is actually 4 years old, the montipora frag has been in about two months. the original live rock and sand are undisturbed, and most of the original corals are still in the vase but some beginning corals like green star polyps and some mushrooms were traded off for advance corals like the alveopora / hydo / lobo / duncan. This actual coral load will not be adjusted further, I will now observe dominance among these corals to make new notes of unabated warfare. On an interesting side note, the zoanthids are becoming a problem. They have intertwined every inch of the reef even since this video was made in 9 / 09. I have seen that planting stinging corals in specific places, to form a gate network really helps, like blastomussas and lobophyllia and dendrophyllia. These aggressive corals sting the zoanthids and keep them from popping up too much, the zoanthids just fill the rest of the lighted niches. It is this type of interaction that is most intersting in the pico reef tank, and after 4 years these corals are quite sensitized to crowded chemical signals so whatever fighting does go on means they really mean it! the cleaning magnet and a water change are shown. I do 100% weekly out of the corked feeding hole, don't even have to uncap the tank:
  9. Updates

    I know I tried to but the button to generate a new thead, vs a reply (I had my old post ready) are right next to each other and my translator left them in greek 50/50 shot didn't work lol if you want to blend them is fine or leave it no problem. Was just going to show this technique of making the coral look like it is coming out of the glass with a tabletop forming on the inside thanks for stopping in B
  10. Updates

    Hi friends just updating my threads from last year with growth shots of the vase! Catch me on youtube comments if I ever miss you in here, my email notification doesn't always work for new posts B again I have created a new thread when I meant to update...cannot read helen format! sorry apologies. we can either leave this separate or blend it into my first thread about my video with all the pics moderator can do whichever is okay with me thank you
  11. Δείτε αυτό

    here are some pics to add to this thread as well!
  12. Worlds First Sps Reef Model Tank,

    its been running for 4 years and it uses only an airstone and a preset heater just like a fishbowl. the lid restricts evaporation and directs splatter back down into the bowl, no saltcreep, all self contained
  13. Worlds First Sps Reef Model Tank,

    here are some construction pics of the vase one these pictures will help other builders with ideas and creation sketches. I drew the sketches in 2000 and built the tanks in 2001 moderator *please merge this thread with my reefmodel I didn't mean to post separate!
  14. Worlds First Sps Reef Model Tank,

    very nice to meet you all I have enjoyed seeing the pictures on your forum and translating what I could. the skin helped a lot now this is easier. may I say first that where you all live would be considered my vacation dream so i wish we were chatting in person! This reef above was sold because at the time I had three more tank setups to turn into reefs for me to keep, and someone offered me a good sum of money for it at a show. a really good sum, I dont 'know if it's alive now. normally I don't sell my science, that's why I post it for free across the web and help others replicate it. I have other tanks, they are painted white, brown and black, I still have the white and black one. These were meant to be betta fish tanks. I have never seen these before or after, too bad they aren't for sale to the public anymore as the company has either gone out of business or stopped this particular production line. One day in my local fish store he had three on the shelf and everyone was remarking about them, so I promptly bought them all because I had the idea to turn them into SPS reefs with tiny oxygen pump refugiums. The vase reef is evaporation restricted but not sealed. there must be a positive pressure vent in any airstone system ... the micro tank however is fully sealed unless the lid is taken off for cleaning. You can see the metal clamp that holds down the lid and the weight of the little canopy presses even more. No salinity shift is handy in any reef, but critical in a half gallon one. The SPS love it, I just don't have fancy lights so they don't turn blue or anything. THe lighting is mis stated in the video, it's 13 watts x2 bulbs, plus one in front, so it runs at 80 + watts per gallon literally ha ha that's a fact not a joke (so it is fanned) The vase reef is the best one though, because it represents the absolute zero in terms of bare bones aquarium work. It is not any different than if I were designing it to keep a goldfish, only Id use freshwater rocks and water. THis is artscience for me. coaxing a reef to grow in a fishbowl, and the tank is far cheaper and stable than any other setup I think because people spend time dosing this and that, buying new parts which alters the balances, and many seem to walk a tightrope their whole time with marine tanks, never relaxing with them. a reefbowl will run for anyone, and they produce coral, not just keep it. I prune all speciments regularly and sell or trade especially xenia. the fact that they run with no dosing means assortment of retail items is also not needed. lastly, I wanted to show people that with practical science you don't have to be far away from something you may have always wanted, anyone can keep a reef in my opinion then if the real reefs die off we can ship them all in for reseeding and do something good with this hobby. looking at this picture shows how I did the sealing. i paid a glass cutter to cut small holes in the lid, the the lines to the heater and pump were cut, ran through grommets, then resoldered! can you see that detail in this pic? hope so nice to meet you all brandon
  15. Worlds First Sps Reef Model Tank,

    thank you for the warm welcome! I found this site by following viral links of my video that have already been posted on this site somewhere. youtube doesn't give me the thread, only the site address of where my video has been seen. I looked around and did not see it, so I stuck it here in the reefs forum as best I could look for it. My google translator doesn't work very well so I have been clicking around in forums written in greek which I cannot read but the text looks very interesting!!! Brandon moderator can you merge these threads I have hit the wrong button, did not mean to make a new thread. Im having to guess at which one of these buttons says reply!