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  1. tommydisco

    Hello, I New From Miami

    hello, too many friend here , well the aquarium is 500 gallons in litres is like 500, the filter is a wet dry system and the temp is 30 C or 68 F, that what I sait I'll put full decoration in 3 month later, plants wood, but no now, is more easy for me when is yoneger discus keeper like that, I do water change everyday, I'll put another video in the future to see my aquarium decored, take care guys and take care the fishhhhh
  2. tommydisco

    Hello, I New From Miami

    thank you, yes this is my aquarium , well no for now but in the future I'll put some habitat, I do water change every day, when they are yonger like that I prefer clear aquarium . thank for comments
  3. tommydisco

    Hello, I New From Miami

    hi guys I new here I a fanatic discus fish guys, I bring the video that that you guys see and talk about it.:cool: this is the video:

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