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Νεα Εισαγωγή θάλασσα 27/06/2018 Dejong

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Fireball Angel ( ME )Centropyge acanthops 56
Flame Angels (ME)Centropyge loriculus 100
Sailfin Tang - West Ind Ocean ( SM )Zebrasoma desjardinii 36
Marine Betta ( ME )Calloplesiops altivelis 105

Black darwin(ML)Amphiprion occelaris 50E
Spiny Boxfish ( SM )Chilomycterus schoepfii 49
Gramma - Royal ( SM )Gramma loreto 27

Kole tang (M)Ctenochaetus strigosus Hawaii  75Ε
Fox Face - Red ( SM )Siganus magnificus 48
Regal Tang - Coral Sea ( SM )Paracanthurus hepatus 45
Scarlet Hawk ( ME )Neocirrhitus armatus 78
Lemon Damsel ( SM )Amblyglyphidodon aureus 9,50
Humbug - Three Stripe ( SM )Dascyllus aruanus 9,50
Yellow Tail Blue Damsel ( ME )Chrysiptera parasema 10



Cultured Clam - Maxima ultra Coloured ( SM ) 65

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