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Παραλαβή Φυτών Tropica

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Αγαπητοί φίλοι,
Από σήμερα 29/11/2018 θα βρείτε τη νέα παραλαβή ζωντανών φυτών Tropica.

TROPICA Hemianthus callitrichoides "Cuba" 1-2-Grow! 6.30

TROPICA Egeria densa bunched 4.30

TROPICA Alteranthera reineckii "pink" potted 4.30

TROPICA alternathera "rosanervig" potted 5.50

TROPICA Anubias barteri var. barteri potted 8.00

TROPICA Anubias barteri caladiifolia potted 8.00

TROPICA Anubias barteri nana potted 6.30

TROPICA Anubias gracilis potted 8.00

TROPICA Bacopa caroliana potted 4.30

TROPICA Bacopa 'Compact' potted 5.50

TROPICA Cryptocoryne wendtii green potted 6.30

TROPICA Echinodorus "Reni' potted 8.00

TROPICA Eleocharis parvula potted 6.30

TROPICA Hygrophila "compact" potted 6.30

TROPICA Limnophila sessiliflora potted 5.50

TROPICA Ludwigia palustris potted 5.50

TROPICA Microsorum pteropus "Narrow" potted 8.00

TROPICA Microsorum pteropus windelov potted 8.00

TROPICA Rotala rotundifolia potted 5.50

TROPICA Sagittaria subulata potted 6.30

TROPICA Staurogyne repens potted 8.00

TROPICA Valisneria spiralis "tiger" potted 6.30

TROPICA Vallisneria "Gigantea" potted 8.00

TROPICA Micranthemum monte carlo 1-2 grow! 7.00

TROPICA Monosolenium tenerum 1-2-Grow! 7.00

TROPICA Hellantium tenellum "Green" 1-2-Grow! 7.00

TROPICA Limnobium Laevigatum 7.00

TROPICA Marsilea hirsuta 1-2-Grow! 7.00

TROPICA Hygrophila "rosanervig" potted 5.50

TROPICA Lobelia cardinalis potted 6.30

TROPICA Cladophora aegagropila moss ball 5.50

TROPICA Cardamine lyrata potted 5.50

TROPICA Hemianthus callitrichoides "Cuba" potted 6.30

TROPICA Nymphaea lotus potted 13.00

TROPICA Anubias 'Petite' potted 8.00

Παραμένουμε στην διάθεσή σας


Η ομάδα του Aquario.gr

Παναγή Τσαλδάρη 67, Ταύρος

Kηφισίας 187, Μαρούσι



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