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Σημερινή παραλαβή από Ευρώπη!!! 14-09-23


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Σημερινή παραλαβή από Ευρώπη!!!
Pterapogon Kauderni - Cardinalfish
Cryptocentrus Cinctus - Yellow Watchman Goby
Gobiodon Okinawae - Yellow Clown Goby
Gramma Loreto - Royal Gramma
Salarias Fasciatus - Sailfin Blenny
Halichoerus Chrysus - Yellow Wrasse (M)
Labroides Dimidiatus - Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse
Halichoerus Chrysus - Yellow Wrasse (M)
Zebrasoma Xanthurum - Purple Tang
Ecsenius Midas - Midas Blenny
Halichoeres Leucoxanthus (S/M)
Chromis Viridis - Green Reef Chromis
Chaetodermis pencilligerus (L) (7-10cm)
Naso Elegans - Blonde Naso Tang (S)
Halichoeres Melanurus - Tail Spot Wrasse
Amphiprion Latezonatus - Wide-Band Anemonefish
Siganus magnificus (S)
Amblyeleotris Aurora (M)
Cryptocentrus Cinctus - Yellow Watchman Goby
Lysmata Amboinensis - Cleaner Shrimp
Mithrax sculptus sp. - Emerald Crab
Dolabella Auricularia - Sea Hare
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