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Philips aquarium purifier 120-240 135,00GB£ 122,33US$ 184,14

For aquaria of 120-240 liter RevolutionairAfter 3 years of testing, the Philips Aquarium Purifier showed very effective for the purification of aquariums with a volume between 30 and 65 gallons. It imitates the function of nature. Ozone (O3) is generated during thunderstorms and purifies water and air. The device provides minimal and safe doses ozone to the water, which turns organic waste, bacteria and viruses into harmless residues. Once in the water, the ozone is converted into oxygen and therefore it won’t be released in the air. You can expect the following results: · Crystal clear water · Minimal maintenance, water changes only 2 times a year* · Reducing fouling of algae · Improved and stimulating effect of the nitrogen cycle in the water · No toxic nitrite-peaks at startup · Reduction of diseases caused by viruses and bacteria Installation is very simple and explained in a clear multilingual manual. Originally this is an European device for 220 volts. The Philips Aquarium Purifier is the solution for less maintenance and you will experience more fun to your aquarium! Also suitable for your seawater aquarium! * = depending on amount of fish and feeding

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a special form of oxygen. Normally, two atoms of oxygen form an oxygen-molecule. Contrary to this, an ozone molecule consists of three oxygen atoms.

Once this molecule is decomposed, new reaction partners are needed. All effects which ozone has on the biochemical course of reaction in the aquarium are based on its high oxidation power. Ozone is the strongest available oxidation agent. On the other hand ozone is environmentally friendly, as it only consists of three atoms of oxygen and it doesn't introduce any chemicals into the aquarium water.

Just as in nature ozone is formed in a flash inside the ozone electrode from the oxygen content of the air. Therefore, three oxygen molecules are needed to form two ozone molecules.



Παιδιά τα Φώτα σας!!!

Έχει κάποιος αυτή την συσκευή;

Όντως τα νιτρικά εξαφανίζονται;

Τα υπέρ και κατά;

Ευχαριστώ ;)


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