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Προσεχης Παραλαβη Σε Θαλασσινα Ψαρια-Ανεμωνες-Κοραλλια-Ασπονδυλα 19/11/2014

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Περιμενουμε τα παρακατω.

Expected Marine 19-11-2014.xls

Θα ενημερωθειτε με τιμες μολις παραλαβουμε και αργοτερα με την διαθεσιμοτητα.

Ευχαριστουμε πολυ.

Κωστας Ζαχαροπουλος

Scientific Name Common Name Size

Centropyge Bicolor Bicolor Angel M/L

Centropyge Flavicauda Blue Pygmy Angel

Chelmon Rostratus Cooperband Butterfly

Heniochus Acuminatus Banner Fish S

Acanthurus Leucosternon Powder Blue Tang M/L

Acanthurus Lineatus Clown Surgeon M

Lo Magnifica Andaman Fox Face

Naso Lituratus Lipstic Tang(Pacific) S

Paracanthurus Hepatus Blue Tang S

Zanclus Canescens Moorish Idol

Zebrasoma Veliferum Pasific Sailfin Tang S

Ctenochaetus Tominiensis Orange Fin Tomini Surgeonfish

Amphiprion Percula Half Black Wild

Pseudchromis Sp. White Bellied Red Dottyback

Meiacanthus Grammistes Grammistes Blenny

Balistoides Conspicillum Clown Trigger M

Radhianthus Koseirensis L.T.Anemone Green

Entacmaea Quadricolor Corn Anemone M/L

Entacmaea Quadricolor Corn Anemone Bottom Purple

Ricordea Yuma Ricodea Rainbow Cultured

Favia Spp Green Favia Coral

Fungia Spp Pink Plate Coral

Montipora Sp Sunset Montipora Sp Sunset Cultured

Favites Spp. Oramge Favites Coral Cultured

Lo Vulpinus Fox Face S

Ctenochaetus Striatus Striped Bristletooth

Permnas Blaculeatus Gold Stripe Maroon Clown(Indian) S

Amphiprion Polymnus Saddleback Anemonefish M/L

Pseudchromis Paccagnellae Royal Dottyback

Nemateleotris Magnifica Fire Fish Goby

Pterosynchiropus Splendidus Green Mandarin M/L

Halichoeres Chrysus Yellow Coris

Acropora Strawberry Acropora Strawberry Cultured

Pseudocheilinus Hexataenia Six Line Wrasse

Valencienna Puellaris Orange Spotted Prawn Goby

Valencienna Strigata Golden Head Goby

Labroides Dimidiatus Cleaner Wrasse

Pseudanthias Squamipinnis Lyretail Coral Anthias(Pacific) Female

Chromis Viridis Green Chromis 3-4 cm

Pomacentrus Bankanesis Speckled Damsel

Salarias Fasciatus White Algae Blenny

Calcinus Argus Red Leg Haermit Crab

Trochus Histrio Algae Eeater Snail

Nassarus Spp. Nassarus Snail

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