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Νεα Εισαγωγή γλυκου νερου

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Corydororas auneus alpino  XXL 10E

Corydororas auneus XXL 10E

Corydoras peleatus XXL 10E

Corydoras splendens  2,5E

Corydoras sterbai ml 5E

Channa bleheri 19E

Cardinal ML 2,5E

Pintius denisoni 5,5E

Carrinotetraodon travancoricus (Dwarf puffer)2,5E

Tetraodon Fluviatilus 7E

Geophagus sp. Tapajos 'Red head L 8 E

Geophagus suriamensis 7,70E

Sphaerichthys osphromenoides(Chocolate gourami) 4,5E

Mexican dwarf lobster 7.70E

Sakura red shrimp 2,8E

Blue velvet SHRIMP 4,70E

Yellow Shrimp 4,80E

Ammano Shrimp 3,40E

Osteoglossum bicirrhosum  M 40E




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