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Ένας άνδρας από την Ινδία ισχυρίζεται ότι δεν έχει βάλει καθόλου φαγητό και νερό στο σώμα του εδώ και 70 χρόνια.

Για περισσοτερα εδω.


Τώρα με τα μέτρα της κυβέρνησης, ίσως μας χρειαστεί ο τύπος στο μέλλον, να μας μάθει το κόλπο!

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Η ανάλυση από ένα κινέζο δάσκαλο:

(...και βέβαια η ακόμα πιο σοβάρη ανάλυση στον Κάτοικο του Σύμπαντος σελ 139 (Σπ. Νάγος))

Bigu Fasting

Some of you have brought up the question of bigu fasting. Bigu does exist, and it?s not

only seen in cultivation circles—there?s a good number of people in the broader society

who?ve experienced it, too. Some people go years or even over a decade without eating

or drinking anything, but they do just fine. Some people say that bigu is a reflection of

being at a certain level, others say bigu is a sign that the body is being purified, and then

there are folks who say it?s part of the cultivation process at high levels.

It?s actually none of that. So what?s it all about, then? Bigu is really a special

cultivation method that people use under specially designated circumstances. And just

which ones exactly? Back in ancient China, and especially before religions came into

being, a lot of cultivators used the method of secret, solitary cultivation. They would go

deep into the mountains or they would go into caves to cultivate, and they?d stay far away

from the crowd. Once they did that, having a source of food became an issue. If they

didn?t use the method of bigu they?d have no way to cultivate, and they?d die in there

from hunger and thirst. When I went from Chongqing City to Wuhan City to teach the

Law, I traveled eastbound along the Yangtze River on a ship, and I saw that along both

sides of the Three Gorges there were some caves halfway up the mountains. A lot of

famous mountains have them. In the old days cultivators would climb into them with a

rope, cut the rope, and cultivate inside. If they didn?t succeed at cultivating they would

die in there. There was no water and no food, and it was under these extremely special

circumstances that they used a special cultivation method.

A lot of practices have been passed down that way, so they include bigu. But a lot of

practices don?t have bigu, and that?s the case for most of the practices that are transmitted

in society nowadays. We?ve said that a person has to commit to one discipline. You can?t

just go and do whatever you want. You think it?s pretty good, so now you want to do bigu

too. But what do you want to do bigu for? Some people think it?s great, they?re curious

about it, or they think their degree of mastery is great, and it?s a way to show off a little—

people have all kinds of motives. Even if someone uses that method in his cultivation, he

still has to burn his own energy to sustain his body, so the loss outweighs the gain. You

know, this was less of a problem after religions came about, since when you meditate or

do a meditation retreat in a monastery there are people who provide you with food and

drink, so there isn?t that concern. And this is doubly so when you cultivate in the ordinary

world, there you really don?t need to use that method at all. Besides, if it?s not part of

your discipline you can?t just go and recklessly add it in. But if you really want to do

bigu, well, then feel free to go ahead and practice it. As far as I know, usually when a

master is transmitting his practice at a high level and if he really wants to bring up his

disciple, bigu might happen if his discipline has it. But he can?t do it on a large scale, and

he?ll usually guide his disciple to cultivate in secret or by himself.

Nowadays there are also qigong masters who teach people bigu. Has it worked out?

When all is said and done, no. Tell me, who?s it worked out for? I?ve seen a lot of folks


end up in the hospital, and it?s put a lot of lives at risk. So why did that happen? Doesn?t

bigu exist? It does. But there?s one thing: people aren?t allowed to just go and ignore the

way of society, you aren?t allowed to do that. Let?s not worry about what would happen if

tons of people across the country stopped eating and drinking, let?s just say that nobody

here in Changchun ate or drank—I?d say that would save us a ton of trouble! You

wouldn?t need to worry about cooking anymore, farmers toil away to farm the land, and

if nobody ate it?d really save them loads of trouble, and people would just do work and

not need to eat, right? How could that work? Would that be a human world? It definitely

wouldn?t work. That kind of thing isn?t allowed to upset the way of things in the ordinary

world on a large scale.

When some qigong masters spread bigu a lot of people are put in danger. Some

people just obsessively go after bigu, but they haven?t gotten rid of their attachments,

there are loads of ordinary people?s attachments still there, so when they see delicious

food that they can?t eat, their mouths start to water, their attachments well up, and they

just can?t handle it. Then they get anxious, they want to eat something, and when that

craving surges you?ve just got to eat or you?ll start to feel like you?re starving. But if they

eat they throw up, nothing will stay down, and then they start to get nervous, and they get

scared out of their wits. A lot of people have been hospitalized, and there really have

been a lot of folks who were in danger. And then there are people who come to me and

ask me to fix this mess. I don?t want to get involved in that. Some qigong masters are just

plain reckless—who?d want to clean up their mess after them?

Besides, when you run into problems doing bigu, isn?t that the result of what you

sought? We say that it does exist, but it?s not some kind of state that comes about at high

levels, and it?s not some kind of special sign. It?s just a cultivation method that?s used in

special situations. And it can?t be practiced widely. A lot of people seek bigu, and they

even divide it into bigu and semi-bigu, they even rank it. Some people say they drink

water, some say they eat fruit. That?s all fake bigu. I guarantee it won?t work after some

time goes by. A person who truly cultivates with it goes and stays in a cave and won?t eat

or drink anything. Now that?s real bigu.

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Mia μεταφραση παρακαλω !!!

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ξερω και εναν Ελληνα που το δοκιμασε αυτο αλλα δυστυχως ειχε εντελος διαφοτερικο αποτελεσμα .....


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ξερω και εναν Ελληνα που το δοκιμασε αυτο αλλα δυστυχως ειχε εντελος διαφοτερικο αποτελεσμα .....


Ωρε!!!Τι μοσχαρι ειναι τουτο :)

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Ωρε!!!Τι μοσχαρι ειναι τουτο :)

ενταξει μωρε ο ανθρωπος... υπερβαλλεις... απλα καθεται διπλα στη αλλη που ειναι μια πιθαμη μοσχαρα και φαινεται τερας ο καημενος!

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Mia μεταφραση παρακαλω !!!

ή εστω μια περιληψη ρε επιστημονα!! :)

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ενταξει μωρε ο ανθρωπος... υπερβαλλεις... απλα καθεται διπλα στη αλλη που ειναι μια πιθαμη μοσχαρα και φαινεται τερας ο καημενος!

Δικιο εχεις!!Απλα ειναι το μεγαλυτερο μοσχαρι στην παμπα :):)

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