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φυλο Ramirezi German Blue

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εχω ενα ψαρακι του παραπανω ειδους ...πως ξεχωριζουμε φυλο ; με το σχημα του ραχιαιου την κουκιδα στο κεντρο και το χρωμα της κοιλιας ; αν εχει καποιος φοτο με τις διαφορες ας μου δειξει ...ευχαριστω

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The female:

Will have black stripes going though her pelvic fins (this is a great one to remember as when they are very young this coloring already shows if all others fail... the stripes are usually also apparent in a stressed colorless fish)

If she is a happy little gal and shining then you can see that her shiny blue dot's cover her side black marking.

If she is a very happy little gal then her belly will show a pink hue to let those men know that she is ready for a mate.


No black lines in the pelvic fins

The black marking on the side is solid black

Bigger built and the dorsal fin will be longer and spikier

Not a pink hue in sight on the stomach area

και η πηγη οπου τα βρηκα ειναι σε αυτο το λινκ


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