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Πανεπιστημιακα μαθηματα on-line!!


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Ο γνωστος Dr. Ron Shimek σκοπευει να παραδωσει ενα πληρες μαθημα (course) πανεπιστημιακου επιπεδου (επιπεδου 2ου η 3ου χρονου) και διάρκειας 15 εβδομάδων στο Marine Depot forum...

Ακολουθουν οι λεπτομερειες αν καποιος ενδιαφερετε....το σκεπτομαι πολυ σοβαρα να λαβω μερος... το Link ειναι ΕΔΩ!

Reef Aquarium Invertebrate Biology

Duration: 15 Weeks

Starting Date: 20 February, 2006

Required Enrollment:

For the course to proceed, I will need 10 enrolled (paid-up) students by 15 February, 2006. Students may enroll by sending me an email at: rshimek@imt.net, and by depositing $175 (Of this, $150 goes to me, $25 goes to MD) in my PayPal account. Should not enough people enroll by 15 February, the registration fee, less any PayPal charges will be refunded.

Required Text:

Ruppert, E. E, R. S. Fox and R. D. Barnes. 2003. Invertebrate Zoology, A Functional Evolutionary Approach. 7th Ed. Brooks/Cole-Thomson Learning. Belmont, CA. xvii +963 pp.+ I1-I26pp.

No exceptions to this requirement; earlier editions of the text are different in content and are out of date and will not suffice. New and used texts are available at amazon.com.

Optional (Desired) Equipment:

Digital camera (3.3 Mpixel or better) and ability to upload photos. Microscopes…

Prerequisite or Necessary Background Knowledge:

Introductory Biology or sufficient ability and desire to be able to go to references and find out terms.

Course Level:

The lectures for this course will written be at about the 2nd or 3rd year level of college. I will assume you have the ability to read and understand college level material. I am not going to “dumb down” the course material.

Course Format:

Every Monday, I will email the week’s lecture/essay and laboratory instructions to the students. This will involve up to 25 pages of material. We will have a private Marine Depot forum. All students may upload and discuss questions on that forum. I will typically check several times during the day to answer and address questions. Each Friday, I will upload a short quiz. The answers to the quiz will be uploaded the following Monday.

I estimate each week will have between 50 and 100 pages of assigned readings. If it has been a while since you have been in school… this reading may be difficult, it isn’t like reading a novel. You will encounter a LOT of jargon terms. I will indicate some appropriate dictionaries and definition sources.

The laboratories will consist of observations and/or experiments done in a standard reef tank. These exercises will not harm any organisms in the tanks.

Course Coverage:

The course will discuss the basic anatomy and functional morphology and behavior of coral reef invertebrates. The fundamental question asked will be: “How do they do that?” or “Why do they do that?” We will cover all the invertebrates likely to be found in marine aquaria, and a few others besides.

If you have any questions about the course, please either post them in this forum or contact me at the email address above.

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Τελικα γραφτηκα...νομιζω οτι θα ειναι μια πολυ καλη εμπειρια με γνωσεις πανεπιστημιακου επιπεδου... αναλογα μαθηματα σε πανεπιστημια στις ΗΠΑ κοστιζουν κοντα στα $600 οποτε η τιμη δεν ειναι υπερβολικη... εκανα και παραγγελια για το βιβλιο που θεωρειτε το καλυτερο στην κατηγορια του (πανεπιστημιακο οχι για ενυδρεια)...

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Bravo Μανο για την ενημερωση.

Πραγματικα ειναι πολυ ενδιαφερον εμπειρια.:D

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Μανο αυτο που αναφερεις εδω ειναι οντως κατι το τελειως πρωτοποριακο. Μπραβο στον Shimek για την κινηση αυτη. Σιγουρα οι γνωσεις που θα δωσει θα ειναι καπως ποιο διαφορετικες απο τις ενυδριακες κατευθυνσεις, αλλα ΙΜΟ θα εχει την δυναμικη βοηθησει σε αλλα πεδια σχετικα με το χομπι που τωρα απλα δν μπορουμε να φανταστουμε.

Παραλιγο να ημασταν συμφοιτητες :D αλλα λογο ελειψης χρονου αυτη την εποχη δεν θα μπορεσω να συμετασχω. Την επομενη φορα ομως θεου και χρονου επιτρεποντως σκοπευω να ειμαι παρον.

Αφου λοιπον τελικσ αποφασισες να εισαι παρων σε αυτα τα μαθηματα "περιμενουμε" με ανοιπομονησια τα νεα σου και τις εξελιξεις. :D

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